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It is important that if you suspect Japanese Knotweed, or another Invasive Species, on your property, that you contact fully qualified professionals to deal with it.

We offer a friendly professional service and want to make the process of tackling your Japanese Knotweed problem smooth and cost effective. Each of our experts are specially trained in recognising a non-native invasive species and we can develop a management/treatment plan that suits you.

We offer a 5 year warranty with works, which gives you peace of mind.



Invasive Species Surveys : From £400

5 Year Management Plan, including Treatment: From £3000

Identification from your photographs: Usually Free of Charge


Control Methods

Japanese knotweed is not treated by any normal means. Instead, it needs a special treatment by using a particular approved commercial herbicide chemicals. It involves using specific application techniques.

  • Consultation/Site Visit
    • This involves a visit to your property to assess your infestation. We will discuss potential treatment plans with the best possible way to move forward.
  • Develop a Treatment Plan
    • Our experienced team will decide the best treatment plan that will get rid of your infestation that is cost effective. 
  • Stem Injection/Spraying
    • Our qualified professionals will target Japanese Knotweed at a certain point in its life cycle, optimising the effects of the treatment.
  • Dig/Remove
    • In order to get rid of infestations removal of the topsoil layer may be required to remove complex rhizome root systems. As soon as Japanese knotweed is removed it becomes non-hazardous waste.
  • Cell Membrane
    • Laying down a cell membrane prevents the spread of those complex rhizome root systems that makes the spread of Japanese Knotweed so rapid.
  • Monitoring
    • As Japanese Knotweed can take a few seasons to destroy, we will continue to monitor the effects of the treatment on your infestation.


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